A proposition…


So I don’t feel like writing this morning and so I had an idea. Would any of you like to have your blog post featured here? Want to write about something but don’t have a WordPress or other blogging platform? Do you have a blog that is just starting out and want a chance at increasing your audience? Do you have an insanely popular blog but want to diversify your audience?

I am thinking that I would like to feature guest bloggers here about once a week. While I love my own opinions on things, it is nice sometimes to gain a new perspective. As long as your post conforms to the very high standards I keep here (LOL) I would be happy to post them. I laughed because I really have no standards. If it is important to you and you can write a coherent sentence I want to hear from you. It doesn’t matter if I agree with you or not – that is kind of the point. How can I learn more about how people feel on certain issues other than reading blogs I disagree with? Well I can invite you all to share you thoughts here.

The only rules I would impose is to keep the profanity to a minimum; use it for effect only because I do have quite a few minors who read this blog and if we are going to use profanity I would like it to have meaning. Also, try to have a message. A rant is fine obviously (those are my favorites) but have a rant that has a question or something that people can respond and relate to. No subject is off limits. No opinion is off limits. Hate gay people? Write about it and send it to me. Angry about government? Rant away. Are you a Republican who reads my writing and thinks I don’t offer a balanced opinion (I don’t, so it’s okay) – share your thoughts with a liberal audience!

One of my main goals with this blog was to create a space where all opinions and all facts are given a fair opportunity to be discussed, however, because I am just a crazy liberal lesbian feminist – I think I am often biased, and I would love to extend the opportunity for people who disagree with me to post more than a comment on one of my posts, but to be given an actual voice here to talk about the things that are important to you.

I don’t think our country will ever come together if we just “preach to the choir.” We need to energize the audience and get them to interact. I think this blog could offer that opportunity for meaningful conversation, but as much as I like to play the devils advocate – I just can’t bring myself to write about the joys of the Republican party or the bat-shit insane Tea Party folks. See, I couldn’t even complete a sentence without expressing my opinion.  So are you a Tea Party person who thinks that you aren’t bat-shit crazy? Write a letter to liberals explaining your views and why you have them. Help us understand.

So let me know what you think. Send me a post as long or short as you want and I will post it here. Or if you would like to see me tackle a subject let me know – I will do my best to address it! Lets get this conversation started!!

Send your ideas or posts to: kjorgenson72(at)gmail(dot)com. 

2 thoughts on “A proposition…

  1. Well don’t know how much of a different perspective I’ll have as a lefty bisexual feminist but I’ve had a couple of serious posts on adoption and gender issues kicking about my brain that I wouldn’t mind cross posting if I can discipline myself enough to get them written finally!

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