First World Problems


So I haven’t blogged in the last few days not because of a crappy mood or bad attitude, but a bad Internet connection. It seems every time I get going, my Internet decides that I am done writing and quits on me. The Comcast person is coming tomorrow! Yay. I have like 7 drafts I need to finish and one of them is a very impassioned letter to the Egyptian people fighting for decent government right now. Hopefully I’ll get it posted soonish.

In other news, I spent almost all day Tuesday bushwhacking at the park walking around, playing in the water, Geocaching, and picking up trash. My legs look like I whipped myself with a raspberry vine and after my GPS kindly reminded me that I had already walked 10 miles I decided it just might be time to head home. Once I finished I had walked almost 12 miles! It goes fast and fun when you are doing other stuff while walking. I took lots of breaks, talked to some strangers, played with a couple dogs, played with my camera, and learned to meditate a little by the river. New scars and all, it was a very good day!

Then yesterday Stephanie got it in her head to do our “spring” cleaning – so we spent the day cleaning the house and the puppies. Another very good and productive day. Next stop – cleaning out the crawlspace for a garage sale. We have too much crap. Again – first world problem.

I read this article this morning on the health benefits of Strawberries which made me insanely happy because I have been eating them like there is no other food on earth for that last few weeks. I especially enjoyed the parts about fighting colon cancer – since eating strawberries is much more fun and delicious than a colonoscopy (even though I know I still need to get one).

So what have you guys been doing? It is funny to me that I think about all of you; my “Dear Readers” even on the days I don’t write. While I don’t mind at all writing everyday, I have decided to just take an easier pace on this thing. It used to be that I would get up each morning and read the news and get riled up about something to write about – but honestly, I like this style a bit better. I’m not saying that I am done with political or social commentary, I just think we need some more positive and less negative to fill our days with. I know I do. Our world is depressing enough without me talking about every hiccup we encounter.

However, as the Republicans start battling each other for the Presidential run in 2016, and Hillary remains undecided (She is going to win even if she doesn’t run LOL), there will be some posts coming up to debunk some lies from both sides of the aisle, as well as some predictions of how it may all turn out. The next 1-3 years is going to be quite a roller-coaster and hopefully I can lose my bias enough to be fair.

So yeah. The Internet is still working (so far) so I am going to hit “publish” before it leaves again. I hope you all are having a wonderful week! 





4 thoughts on “First World Problems

  1. I’m having a crazy good week….crazy at work, good when I leave work. It’s been work, eat, sleep, poop, repeat (with a blog post thrown in the middle) this week. I am looking forward to the weekend – Friday night at the movies, farm market and fishing on Saturday, taking mom out for her B-day on Sunday, sleeping in a couple days. The weather is supposed to be beautiful. So, I hope your internet is good to you and I’m looking forward to your posts when the presidential political scene starts to heat up. I bet you will have some good rants…..ummmm, I mean stories. 🙂

    • I am so glad to hear that you are having a great week!!! I hope it continues for you. I am learning more and more each day just how much a positive attitude helps even when you are facing things that are unpleasant.

      We had to cancel the Comcast guy – so I my have internet issues for a bit longer, but in the grand scheme of things… it’s all okay.

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