Stuff and things and some more stuff


Okay Dear Readers, I realize I have been neglecting you. I have some restructuring and rethinking that I have been doing about how to manage this blog, my life, and my mental health! I am working on a few ideas to take some of the content off my shoulders and spread out the opinions just a bit as well as for more engaging content. So bear with me while I plot it all out.

I plan on resuming the posting daily or semi-daily in September. I know it seems far away – but we are dealing with some changes here at home that are dominating my mind at the moment. Not to say I won’t post at all until then, but you know, if you are waiting by your computer every morning for my words of wisdom (LOL) then I suggest email alerts for a little while.

Hopefully, when I come back “full-time” there will be rants, raves, interviews, guest bloggers, and some cool interactive stuff for everyone to get into.

In the meantime – I am curious; where are you guys all from? Just let me know the State/Country (Internet safety and all) – I would like to direct some of the content to specific places if it is relevant to you! 

Thanks for your patience!!


8 thoughts on “Stuff and things and some more stuff

  1. Take your time. It’s more important to take care of yourself and come back when you are ready. By the way, I am a cheesehead from Wisconsin – born, raised, and lifetime Green Bay Packer fan! 🙂

    • WOOOO!!!! I am from California originally, but I have been a die hard Packer Fan since I started watching football!! (a long long time ago LOL). One of the biggest things on my “Bucket list” is to go see a game in Green Bay.

  2. I knew there was a reason why I like you 😉 Go Pack go! I used to go to a Packer game at Lambeau almost every year that Favre was QB. Then it stopped and I have yet to sit at Lambeau and watch Aaron throw the football. I must get back because the atmosphere is like no other. I get goosebumps when I sit in the stadium on game day. I hope you are able to go, and make sure you come early enough to tailgate with the rest of the crazy fans.

  3. I hope you’ve been enjoying your sabbatical and that you are recharging the batteries, I’ve also been formulating some changes and reformatting my blog to rein in my need to be so doggone PERSONAL and to get rid of the LIKE POST button, which I realize reinforces the terrible need to be liked that makes me be guarded in what I really want to put out into the universe. I got a job too! Hope you have enjoyed the summer and looking forward to your posts again. (Bergen County, NJ)

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