Stalking people on the Internet

I think everyone has looked up a former lover, childhood friend, or long lost family member using the Internet. It is an amazing tool to use to connect to those who we lost touch with over the course of our lives, or even the ability to find those we have wronged in some way in […]

A time for change

As many of you already know, I am going through a life of constant change, periodic struggle, and the means to balance those things. In this process I have learned and noticed many things about myself that need to change. As someone who struggles with all kinds of battles; some stem from my past, some […]

All good intentions…

Sometimes life has a way of prioritizing things for us whether we like it or not. I know I said that I would resume posting on the 9th – which as it turns out didn’t happen. Here is why, and here is why I may be putting this little blog on the back burner of […]

*looks around* Is anyone still here?

I have a lot of catching up to do! There have been several moments over the last month where I though to myself, “Self- you need to get back to your blog and start writing again.” Then I promptly ignored myself. Part of the reason for the extended break was because I saw myself falling […]