The insidious divide

I’m going to just give this blog entry a giant AMEN.

Talking Salmons

For my first two years of university, I went to a community college. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do (I still fluctuate), so I saved some money in the first couple of years…

…Which I quickly burned through in choosing to go to a private Baptist university for my final two years of undergrad.

This school had plenty of social controls, behavioral restrictions, pledges and contracts on where to go, what to do and how to act. There was no dancing, no public displays of affection, curfews…all that lovely stuff.

So, naturally there was one very strong political affinity there at the school. While there were the scant few rebel Democrats who hid in the shadows, the overwhelming culture of the vast majority of students was militant right-wing Evangelical Conservatism.

Why did I go there? Long story. Not the purpose of the post, but one I’ll be…

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