I have discovered Pinterest.


I opened an account quite a while ago, and like my Twitter account, for a long time it just sat there. Empty. I simply didn’t take the time to understand what the hell I was doing. Now that I am starting to “get it” I freakin’ LOVE it. Half the time I like or share things on FB because I want to find them again, not because I think every friend I have needs to read what recipe I would like to try someday. Pinterest solves this problem. It’s like a giant, easy to navigate, self controlled filing system for online content.  How on earth did I not figure this out sooner??

I only have a few pins up so far, but I will be adding the blog the my list of pins. What fun is that?

So in light of this revelation; do you guys know of any sites out there that aren’t Facebook that I could be missing out on? 

5 thoughts on “I have discovered Pinterest.

  1. Pinterest is addicting. I had to take a break from it because I was printing, printing, printing recipes…and not making any of them! Anyhow, one of my followers mentioned Triberr on her blog as a way to get traffic to your blog. You join tribes – like a comedy tribe or a poetry tribe, etc. I have not worked it like I should, but I do have a few people who tweet out my posts.

    • That’s pretty much it. I like it because I can save articles or recipes without having to share them on FB annoying all my friends, and then having to search for hours to find what I wanted in the first place. Pinterest solves this problem quite nicely!

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