I think the end of this blog is near…

I have received an amazing amount of positive feedback from this blog, and as my first real blogging experience; well I am going to deem it a success but not quite what I wanted when I created it.

I find that while sticking with a “theme” kind of works, I think that theme needs to be focused on myself rather than trying to change the way people think. I did have a lofty goal when I started this Tolerant People idea. I wanted to make the world a better place by being honest, open, and encouraging reasonable conversation and debate. I am learning that blogs don’t quite work that way.

I love to write, but many of the things I want to write about are random things. Sometimes I want to write things that aren’t all that tolerant. I am an opinionated person and some say a talented writer. Up until now, on this blog I have managed to maintain a certain attitude. However, I find that limits me in significant ways. I am also always looking for reader engagement, and I have some learning to do when it comes to integrating my audience in my writing. Obviously there are a select few of you who read/follow this blog who engage, but I would rather start something new then to continue on this particular writing path. As my posts become fewer and far between, I think it is time to abandon this experiment and simply focus on my writing and ideas without the “theme” that I unreasonably expect people to understand and participate in.

I plan on starting a new blog soon. One that will be as random and whatever as this one is, without the expectations.




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