I just HAVE to write it out…

OIG Dickbags

I am making this my final post for the “Tolerant People” blog because I have lost my capacity for tolerance. Kind of hard to promote an idea when you can no longer apply it to your own life. The last few months have been excruciatingly difficult for me, and as a farewell I am going to share with the world what happened, why it happened, and what I am going to do to change it. I have to write it. I sort of need an audience – even if no one is willing or able to help us. I am going to name drop, I am going to be offensive, and I am going to make it all public in the hopes that someone out there will eventually see it and pay attention to what is happening.

I am going to start with my own recent brushes with thoughts of suicide and homicide. Yes. I am writing that out loud. On Monday, I put my thoughts into action because the only way I see out of this situation; the only way I see to get help or media attention is to act drastically. I had plans to kill myself and the person I hold responsible for where we are now. THAT would have gotten some attention. I am hoping that by putting it out there – even if I get locked up in a mental institution (which on Monday night almost happened) because this story needs to be told. SOMEONE needs to be held accountable for the government ruining our lives. For the lack of accountability, the lack of help, the inability for the average American to exercise their basic Constitutional rights such as being allowed representation before an interrogation, the right to petition government, and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

On Monday, Stephanie and I were supposed to head to Washington D.C. to meet with a Federal Employment Attorney. For several reasons, we had to cancel that trip and settle for a phone consultation. Since I know that lawyers don’t give a shit about justice, just paydays that we would not receive the help we so desperately need. For a mere $3500 this lawyer agreed to help “push through” an EEO complaint that is sitting on some indifferent judges desk. Even though he flat out said, “It’s the Federal Government. You can’t really win.”

Anyway, when we had to cancel the trip, I lost my mind. Literally. I freaked out. I planned a murder, and I went so far as to grab a firearm, input the address in my GPS, went to the liquor store and purchased two pints of rum because there is no way I could do any of this shit sober. I was going to kill him and myself. The news reporting would have been epic, especially here in Philly when a white person commits an act like that there is media attention for MONTHS. It was my answer. It was the only reasonable way I could see to get help. I don’t care about myself right now. I care about my partner Stephanie. I care that she is no longer capable of dealing with this. I care that she is innocent, and our lives have been ruined by two men. One who can’t read a simple email (the OIG agent) and the coward Doctor who allowed this agent of the government to coerce him into saying that Stephanie is not injured. If I knew how to track down that agent, he would have been on my list too.

When I wrote the White House about this situation months ago – the National Suicide Prevention people called me. I am pretty sure I will hear from them again after this post. I don’t care. The thing is, normal citizens can’t do anything to help themselves other than blow shit up, shoot up a school, kill someone or themselves with a manifesto to explain why they let go of the rope that had kept them sane for as long as possible. I am out of rope. I am out of hope. I am out of ideas.

All we want? For a fraudulent investigation to go away. For Stephanie to get her name cleared, and have her medical benefits reinstated so she can get the treatment she so desperately needs. We want the assholes to stop following us. We are prisoners in our own home. Going grocery shopping we have to watch our backs, look for cars following us, and constantly worry that anything we do will be held against us. So why not go crazy? Why not give them something to investigate? Why not scare the shit out of these corrupt people? Why not go blow something up, or kidnap someone until they confess that they ruined someones life for no reason? Could the punishment for that be any worse than the anguish I now live with everyday? I am ready to die for this cause – just like for 15 years I was ready to die for the country that is now betraying me on so many levels it can’t even be explained coherently anymore.

They have stolen my love of my country. They have stolen the idea that even the lowest citizen can get access to justice. They have killed my hope in the American dream.

We have done everything we can possibly do on our own and we can’t get anyone to help us. Friends stay silent. It is a lonely process trying to prove innocence. It is an impossible process without a lawyer. It is a case no lawyer will even consider because it means suing the Federal Government. I am sure if we had enough money to retain a lawyer we could find one – but we don’t have that money. So we tried everything else.

We used the Freedom of Information Act to acquire all the proof we need. We tried our Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz whose minions ruined our chances of getting more information because the letter we wrote them for help – they sent straight to the USPS Office of Inspector General – who apparently is held accountable by no one. They can do whatever they want. Look out government employees – if the OIG is after you – even if you can prove them wrong, you are guilty. They are right even when they ignore their own protocol and standards for investigations. I have done so much research I know an OIG agents job better than they do. We were told to try our State Senator, which we did. No response. I have sent letters to media outlets, the White House, and several other agencies. We were told that OIG answers to the Department of Justice. What a fucking joke that was. No response. We were told that OIG investigates itself, so we reported them to them. No response. Then we were told they fall under the FBI, who said they would investigate. Still no response.

So what would you do? What would you do if you were innocent and had no chance of proving it? What if you were blocked from your own information? What if the Xanex and Prozac aren’t enough? No therapist can help. Psychiatry is a fucking joke. The lawyer we finally talked to yesterday who is a Federal Employment Attorney, did not even know some of the laws that effect his own practice – we had to tell him certain things, but of course lawyers and their fucking egos won’t listen to two women telling them that yes, we can in fact sue the government because of what they have done to us. Soon as you tell a lawyer they might be a little misinformed, well you no longer have a shot at hiring that lawyer for less than $6000 which is hard to come by when you have not been paid in 18 months.

The other problem, you can’t even just end it. You can’t walk away. You can’t just say “Fuck it” and move on when your entire mental health has been destroyed. Your sense of basic security and faith in justice has been obliterated.

I see all this shit on the news all the time. That stupid old ass bus aid getting bullied by a 12 year old is the fucking story of the year, but the government totally fucking people over isn’t a story at all. An old woman who can’t do her own job is able raise almost a million dollars because she let a child tease her. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with this country? We just need a fucking lawyer, or we need to blow shit up. The fact that you can’t do anything on your own in our legal system stops us from even being able to attempt to do it on our own. If I knew how I would bring this shit to the Supreme Court because it seems they are the only ones who could possibly say that an OIG agent acted inappropriately and broke all the rules set for them while conducting an investigation (the Freedom of Information Act can get you some good information like OIG investigation guidelines). If this dickbag had read one email – the investigation would have never happened if he was an ethical person. Obviously he isn’t. His name is Agent Kenneth Sadler (USPS Office of the Inspector General) and he should be held accountable one way or another.

Stephanie’s former Doctor Sheldon Jeffery Siegel was either coerced or threatened by this agent. He is being investigated by the State of PA because he changed Stephanie’s medical records to conform to what the OIG Agent told him to say. We had a malpractice attorney who’s partner knew the Doctor and called to inform him that we were pursuing charges for changing her medical records – and that they would be unable to take the case because “Suing doctors in Montgomery County is hard.” We reported the Doctor to the State licencing. He was investigated and prosecutor has been assigned to the case – where it is now sitting untouched (no sense of urgency on their part right?). We know he is no longer practicing at the office he had been working at, and I hope to God he got fired. I pray that his life sucks as much as ours does. I hope his life has been ruined because of what he actually did to break the law and ruin our lives. Stephanie didn’t break any laws – she followed her doctors orders – her doctor who altered those order in order to make her look guilty. We have four sets of records from this doctor – all different. Highly illegal and unethical  for a doctor to do, but it isn’t considered malpractice so we can’t sue him. As far as he is concerned, if Stephanie has no injury, then why did he perform two surgeries on her? If she is healed, why can’t she stand for more than two hours without having to ice her foot for the rest of the night. Oh yeah – because he got scared by an OIG agent and made the last four years of treatment a non-issue because he said that, Stephanie misrepresented herself to me.” Fucking coward. We also considered this Doctor our friend and the betrayal by him was enough to traumatize Stephanie right into a PTSD diagnosis.

So is this post a threat? No. I am already over killing myself and killing anyone else. This post is a cry for help. This post is simply to point out why citizens in this country lose their shit and sometimes feel they have to take drastic measures to get someone to listen to them. I learned a lot about myself on Monday.  I learned that I don’t really want to die and that killing these people won’t solve the problem. The only way I see it now is to get some publicity. To get someone to pay attention and listen to the whole story, to read the volumes of PROOF we have to not only prove Stephanie’s innocence, but the corruption and complacency of the U.S. Government and it’s agencies who are supposed to be there to PROTECT Americans, not destroy them with lies just to “close a case.”

The world is lucky that Stephanie and I have such a strong relationship that I was honest with her about my intentions. That she hunted me down and made me come home. She had to physically restrain me, and she had to almost admit me into one of the most horrifying mental hospitals around. I hit things, I threw things. My own dog bit me to try and get me to stop freaking out (Stephanie was restraining me from leaving the house and the dog was just trying to help). I drank almost an entire pint of rum in less than an hour to get myself ready. I also reached out to another friend while I was contemplating murder/suicide because in all honesty – that isn’t really the solution I am looking for; I have simply lost all hope in any other options.

If you are a lawyer and not a fucking douchebag complacent idiot – we can’t afford you, but we could use your help. If you have media connections please share this with them. If you are just a follower of this blog, I ask you to please share it is far and wide as possible so that we at least have a chance that someone who can and will be willing to help us can read it and contact us. We are at the end of sanity. We are at the end of hope. Stephanie is innocent and should be treated as such. The people responsible for all of this should be held accountable one way or another.

I can be reached at kjorgenson72@gmail.com. I don’t expect to hear from anyone really, but this is my last sane attempt to get the help we need.

RELATED POST: Do you know any lawyers? I posted this back in March when I was still trying to maintain some anonymity. Kitten = Stephanie.  It goes into some detail about what actually went on, but we know A LOT more now, and we have the proof we need to back it all up. I’ll work on a post that explains things from her end clearer so people can understand why we are freaking the hell out! 

21 thoughts on “I just HAVE to write it out…

    • Thank you Lisa! It’s nice to see at least one share. Although I don’t know how sane or rational I am anymore. I certainly don’t feel either of those things right now.

      • {{{HUGS}}} Life is so damned hard, Carrie. I am sending love, light and positivity in your direction. I will miss your blog posts. Please take care of yourself and don’t let anger and frustration consume you. I know it’s hard. But it’s doable.

        • Oh no worries Lisa, you will still have blog posts from me eventually; they will just be on a different blog. I plan to start a new one without the need to be nice, or mature, or educational. Just me, writing stuff. I think it will be better than this one because I won’t have the restrictions I placed on myself for this one holding back the F bombs, or moments of intolerance. 🙂

  1. Why don’t you check the laws on public disclosure of all your documentation, your research and your medical files, and turn this blog into a huge and unavoidable testimony of your plight…? That is what I would do in your shoes. And when the thing was half baked, I’d start publicising it for real not just with the press but with all sorts of civil rights and human rights orgs and groups, all over the world. Also, and thought the USA’s (and the UK’s) total disrespect for the UN and the Convention, that might equally be something to look at. Please forgive me if I speak out of turn, as it is a fact that I haven’t read as much of your blog as probably I should have over the months in order to give such a straight opinion, but it is well meant. Only, please, for your sake, for Stephanie’s sake, do not give up – trust me, I know. A hug, to make things feel a bit better, if that’s at all possible (and lose the pills, they only make you acquiescent and ‘untroublesome’ – that’s their whole point and raison d’etre!).

    • Thanks for the comment Nina. Trust me, we have used every tool available to an American Citizen to gather information. The trouble is, when it is the OIG they are exempt from those laws and do not need to release anything. I did write about the situation once before when I forst started this blog. I’ll repost it. It has more information specific to Stephanie and not my emotional meltdown.

      We have sent our story to every local and national news outlet, the ACLU, several blogs and websites… yeah. We have gotten A LOT done, and we have all the information we could ever need or want to prove her innocence. However, when you aren’t even entitled to a trail, you don’t get to argue anything. You are just guilty. That is what needs to change here.

      Anyway – thank you for your support and words of encouragement!

  2. The extremity of your feelings, and frustration of hitting your head against so many walls is clear. After reading this I am not clear what the issue really is, what Stephanie is being accused of. Her health problems sound very unfortunate and difficult. I wish you the best.

    • Thank you. The actual details of the situation are rather long and complicated. I wrote another blog about it before that explains some of it better and I will add it as a related post to this one so people who are interested can read it. Thank you for your support!

  3. Reblogged this on beginingsinwriting and commented:
    I’ve given this lady grief over some stuff she’s posted on facebook, but she and I also see eye-to-eye on many other things. That this is going on is a fucking disgrace. I almost typed, “I can’t fucking believe this shit,” but the sad part is, I can. I don’t know the full story about what’s going on with Stephanie, but I know Kathryn to be a woman of integrity. What she’s posted is a pleas for help. If you have a heart, reach out. Even if all you can do is offer words of support, I’m sure it’ll be helpful. At the same time, reblog this if you have a blog, or share this on facebook, twitter, and any other sites you know of. If you are, or know, a lawyer who’s willing to work pro bono, I beseech you to reach out to her.

    • Thanks. She probably won’t be able to help as it is all out of her jurisdiction. That’s what sucks about fighting the government. You need federal attorneys and there aren’t many of them out there because it isn’t really profitable. Most of them are equivalent to ambulance chasers and nickle and dime you to death without actually doing anything for you.

  4. This entire situation is just horrifying :0/

    I’d use the power of the web by any means necessary at this point. What else is there left to loose other than getting your story out there to someone who can actually help you. I wish I knew of something, anything.

    • Thats what I am now trying to do. It was hard before because I kept trying to write things from Stephanie’s perspective (which really only she can do). This is about MY perspective and the lengths I am willing to go to protect my family. The situation is more than horrifying and if people really could see the entirety of it all they would be dumbfounded (and those who have listened to the whole story have been simply amazed at the injustice and corruption we are up against). So yeah, that’s why I am putting my side out there. I can be emotional, I can call names, and call people out. I don’t work there or answer to them. If it takes my emotion to get someone else involved then I have done all I can do (legally).

      Thank you for your support and you can help by sharing it and getting as many people to see it as possible. It has to get to someone who has some influence eventually!

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