About Tolerant People

I started this blog because I see a seriously disturbing trend in our ever anonymous world. We are down right mean to each other. It is completely possible that this has always been true, just not as visible; but that doesn’t mean anyone has to settle for it or like it. I am tired of ‘just letting things go’ or ‘agreeing to disagree’. While both of those are suitable for certain situations, it certainly shouldn’t be a way we have to conduct our lives.

The Internet amazes me. I love to learn and I love the intricacies of being human. With so much negativity and judgement in our societies today (I am not just talking about the USA here) we are scared to meet new people, leave our houses, travel, go to an unfamiliar church… you name it. Fear is what drives us, and anger and harshness is how we have evolved to express ourselves. The internet takes this nature in us and through anonymity allows us to say those things that we would never utter in person. Why? Why can’t we change that trend? I understand feeling passionate about your cause or belief, but why must we put down others in order to validate that for ourselves?

I have a rather lofty goal here and that is to help teach people how to learn and communicate. To help people understand the emotional response versus the thoughtful response. They aren’t that far apart and it only takes a little practice (and sometimes creative wordsmithing) in order to make a huge difference in how we communicate; especially online. The other goal is to promote continuous and lifetime learning. If you are a Christian, learning about another faith does not make you less of a Christian, if anything it strengthens your position. In some cases, you may inadvertently discover new things about your own faith or realize you have the power to represent those who share your beliefs in a positive and culturally significant way that leads people to believe with you. Constantly telling someone they are going to hell doesn’t really help anyone, however telling someone about your experiences with those you worship with, or your own personal miracles makes you the witness Christ asked you to be.

I didn’t mean to start things with religion, I could have chose politics and it would be just as bad. We are going to start small here though. We are going to build a community of people from all over the world if we can and learn from one another. “What is your favorite color and why?” will be a better starting point than “Explain your faith and why you believe in it.” We will get there.

I have faith in humanity and that we are capable of coming together and valuing each other. Let us be the change we want to see in the world (Gandhi) by starting here. I’ll do my part and all I ask is that you do your part and respect and learn from one another.

I look forward to our collective experience together!!

24 thoughts on “About Tolerant People

  1. I second Sweet Mother’s statement.

    Also, my favorite color is black. Because I am lazy, and I don’t have to worry about not matching. Plus, I hear I look pretty snazzy in black (even sweats you ask? “Possibly,” I whisper.).

    I look forward to reading more of your stuff, sophist.

  2. This was so beautiful to read, it touched me. I have been thinking, for a couple of months now, on the solution for fear and violence in society.

    I respect and share that lofty goal you have regarding communication. The seed of this is love and kindness.

    Best wishes!

  3. You said, “I have a rather lofty goal here and that is to help teach people how to learn and communicate. To help people understand the emotional response versus the thoughtful response.”

    Our world needs people like you. I tease my son that he likes to “instigate arguments” about social and political issues with people on Facebook What he’s really doing is trying to help the “blind sheep blindly following their blind leaders” to see that their are other points of views out there in this big old world. He doesn’t want people to agree with him. He just wants them to articulate an argument crafted on facts and not emotions.

    Whether it’s religion, social issues, or racism (as my blog Highway 310) deals with, someone is always going to allow their emotions to get in the way of tolerance, or even productive discussion. But that doesn’t mean you, or I, or anyone that hopes to see a change in our world should stop trying and we are more blessed than any generation before with the technology and tools to dialogue with anyone. Great job here and keep it up!

    • Thank you! I used to start arguments all the time, always playing the devils advocate and taking the unpopular or underdog stance just to try to prove that there are always two equally important and valid sides to any conversation. I got in a lot more fights though than anything else and tried to change how I approached things. Now, I don’t start fights, I state opinions and let people discuss them. It is MUCH more productive and everyone comes out of it learning something new. Technology is awesome and I am so thankful for this medium! We can reach cross the world!
      Anyway, your son sounds like my kinda guy! I like facts! I will also check out your blog as it seems we are on the same path with the same objectives! Thanks for reading, following and commenting!

  4. Yes, I have never read a better ‘About’ page since I began reading the blogs on WordPress. You’re a much more patient person than I am, as you really keep your cool when dealing with obvious trolls. I wish there were more people like you anonymously putting their thoughts out there and responding so respectfully to differences of opinion, it would make our world a much better place. I’ll definitely be following, not only because your writing is so well done, but because I could learn a thing or two from you about communicating effectively.

    Oh, and I’m married a long time to my husband, I am not gay, but am hoping beyond hope that this becomes a non-issue very soon by Constitutional fairness being implemented and marriage between consenting adults of any orientation becoming the law of the land.

    • Thank you for your comment and high praise! I’m flattered! When dealing with trolls, even they can offer something to an argument, and I am happy to engage them for a short time. Eventually though, you just have to cut them off. My words are patient, but sometimes I sit here behind my screen frustrated and annoyed trying to figure out the best way to answer something. Trolls only have power because we give it to them – even though that is hard to remember at times. Thank you for following and I hope you enjoy the journey here! Also thank you for being a supporter of equality!

  5. I am really excited to have found your blog! One of the things I have been struggling with is how to deal with ignorance and intolerance. I am trying to find the balance between not letting others behaviors & beliefs affect me and like you said “just letting things go” or “agreeing to disagree”. I feel certain issues, like equality, racism, and hatred, need to be fought for and not let go or ignored. But, the hard part is approaching it in a positive way. Anyway – really looking forward to gaining insight from your posts!

    • Thank you Molly! Welcome to Tolerant People! It is a learning process for sure, but as they say you attract more with honey than vinegar. I have found the practice of tolerance to be rather exasperating, but completely worth the effort.

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    • Thank you so much! I apologize that I haven’t acknowledged this sooner. I will write up my response and nominations soon! 🙂 Thank you again, it gives the warm fuzzies when someone likes this enough to nominate it for an award! 🙂

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