What’s in a name?

Obviously, my life right now is a sort of blissful chaos. There are a lot of really good things happening, and at the same time so many things that are without clear direction. Making any kind of personal change is difficult, but I have decided to start at the┬ábeginning and work my way through my […]

Questions and Answers

So my last post was probably one of the best I have ever shared simply because it was honest. However, what is honest is often only part of the picture. First of all, I will let you all know that I didn’t check myself into rehab. With much thought and severe confusion, between myself, my […]

How I imagine billions of habitable planets…

If you are into learning about space exploration and what we are finding out there, you will know now that we have found a whole ton of planets that could support human life. These planets live in an orbit much like ours. Not too close to the sun star, and not too far away. This […]

National Coming Out Day – It Gets Better

Today is National Coming Out day. Now I am as out as they get these days and the joys of not worrying about coming out is immeasurable. I remember though when I wasn’t out. I remember when I first came to terms with the fact that I am gay and therefore had to start telling […]


There is so much going on I don’t even know where to begin and as I am sitting here writing this – I honestly have no idea what it will end up being about. I just feel like writing. Venting. Processing… Government Shutdown So first off, I have been actively avoiding conversations about the government […]