Baby Steps

“I am taking a vacation from my problems!!” – Bob Well, not a vacation exactly. I am going to run headlong into them, allow myself to learn new ways of coping with my world around me, and hopefully gain the tools and resources I need in order to stop living the miserable life and start […]

The mind of an addict

Stephanie and I often have long conversations about my prior drinking habits and what we always come back to is the question, “Why?” I am sure that many people who deal with any kind of addiction is asked this question by loved ones. Why? Why do you continue to abuse something that is killing you? […]

Mid-life crisis or mid-life transformation?

Mid-life transformation sure sounds like it would be a lot more fun, but I am pretty sure that I am having my mid-life crisis. At least I certainly feel like I am in the midst of crisis rather than transformation, but I honestly think it is a little of both. Crisis usually brings transformation doesn’t […]

Simple changes for a more positive life

So as I get older and am fully entrenched in my mid-life crisis, I think a lot about the changes I have made in my life and the changes I am still working on. Here are some things I have done differently in the last 5 years to lead a more positive and healthy life. […]

Dealing with Depression – Conclusion

RELATED POST: Dealing with Depression – An Introduction Initially, I had intended to write about depression in children today but after some thought I have decided to wait on that and maybe cover it in another way entirely in a later post. One of the reasons for this decision is that I don’t have kids. I […]