Baby Steps

“I am taking a vacation from my problems!!” – Bob Well, not a vacation exactly. I am going to run headlong into them, allow myself to learn new ways of coping with my world around me, and hopefully gain the tools and resources I need in order to stop living the miserable life and start […]

I just HAVE to write it out…

I am making this my final post for the “Tolerant People” blog because I have lost my capacity for tolerance. Kind of hard to promote an idea when you can no longer apply it to your own life. The last few months have been excruciatingly difficult for me, and as a farewell I am going […]

Marijuana: Why I think it’s awesome

I am a child of the 70’s. My generation witnessed the slow and methodical efforts of government and corporations to make a plant one of the most illegal substances in our country. Seriously, you can get more time in jail for possession of marijuana then if you murdered someone in cold blood. So how did […]

Malala Yousafzai

I have had many heroes in my life. People that I looked up to. People I wanted to be like when I grew up. People who amazed me and inspired me. Never though has someone influenced me as much as a 16 year old girl from Pakistan. Now in case you have never heard of […]

National Coming Out Day – It Gets Better

Today is National Coming Out day. Now I am as out as they get these days and the joys of not worrying about coming out is immeasurable. I remember though when I wasn’t out. I remember when I first came to terms with the fact that I am gay and therefore had to start telling […]