Questions and Answers

So my last post was probably one of the best I have ever shared simply because it was honest. However, what is honest is often only part of the picture. First of all, I will let you all know that I didn’t check myself into rehab. With much thought and severe confusion, between myself, my […]

All good intentions…

Sometimes life has a way of prioritizing things for us whether we like it or not. I know I said that I would resume posting on the 9th – which as it turns out didn’t happen. Here is why, and here is why I may be putting this little blog on the back burner of […]

My hiatus and why I needed a break

I haven’t been posting lately with exception to my faulty but honest opinion on the Trayvon Martin trial, but in a way that is also what prompted a much longer break from writing than I had originally anticipated. I hope you guys haven’t given up on me though. You see, I have been in a […]

The mind of an addict

Stephanie and I often have long conversations about my prior drinking habits and what we always come back to is the question, “Why?” I am sure that many people who deal with any kind of addiction is asked this question by loved ones. Why? Why do you continue to abuse something that is killing you? […]

I was going to write about something else ….

… then life happened. I got completely thrown off my game today by a Facebook post and a phone call. It is odd the things that we allow to derail our more sensible plans. Funny thing is, my original post this morning was going to be about denial and the power we give it over our lives. Denial just […]