Decisions, Decisions…

So as you all know I have been contemplating changing this blog and quite simply it is because I think I was a bit egotistical when I started it. I want to change the world, and I love being online and talking to people online; however the sheer amount of bullshit, hate, and bullying made […]

Diabetes: The diagnosis that changed our lives

Just about three months ago Stephanie was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. At first, we were all a little devastated as we had already begun making serious changes to our diets and paying attention to the various health issues the three of us face. It sort of felt like a punishment initially; but then we […]

Mid-life crisis or mid-life transformation?

Mid-life transformation sure sounds like it would be a lot more fun, but I am pretty sure that I am having my mid-life crisis. At least I certainly feel like I am in the midst of crisis rather than transformation, but I honestly think it is a little of both. Crisis usually brings transformation doesn’t […]