What’s in a name?

Obviously, my life right now is a sort of blissful chaos. There are a lot of really good things happening, and at the same time so many things that are without clear direction. Making any kind of personal change is difficult, but I have decided to start at the┬ábeginning and work my way through my […]

Decisions, Decisions…

So as you all know I have been contemplating changing this blog and quite simply it is because I think I was a bit egotistical when I started it. I want to change the world, and I love being online and talking to people online; however the sheer amount of bullshit, hate, and bullying made […]

A time for change

As many of you already know, I am going through a life of constant change, periodic struggle, and the means to balance those things. In this process I have learned and noticed many things about myself that need to change. As someone who struggles with all kinds of battles; some stem from my past, some […]

All good intentions…

Sometimes life has a way of prioritizing things for us whether we like it or not. I know I said that I would resume posting on the 9th – which as it turns out didn’t happen. Here is why, and here is why I may be putting this little blog on the back burner of […]

The mind of an addict

Stephanie and I often have long conversations about my prior drinking habits and what we always come back to is the question, “Why?” I am sure that many people who deal with any kind of addiction is asked this question by loved ones. Why? Why do you continue to abuse something that is killing you? […]