Questions and Answers

So my last post was probably one of the best I have ever shared simply because it was honest. However, what is honest is often only part of the picture. First of all, I will let you all know that I didn’t check myself into rehab. With much thought and severe confusion, between myself, my […]

Baby Steps

“I am taking a vacation from my problems!!” – Bob Well, not a vacation exactly. I am going to run headlong into them, allow myself to learn new ways of coping with my world around me, and hopefully gain the tools and resources I need in order to stop living the miserable life and start […]

Happy Holidays?

Well it is that time of year again. The shopping is insane with people going further into debt, people everywhere are traveling to spend time with family and friends; arms laden with wrapped gifts, a pot luck dish, and hope that the new year will bring us everything our little hearts desire. It is all […]

How I imagine billions of habitable planets…

If you are into learning about space exploration and what we are finding out there, you will know now that we have found a whole ton of planets that could support human life. These planets live in an orbit much like ours. Not too close to the sun star, and not too far away. This […]