I actually slept in today!

Normally I post anywhere between 6 and 9am  every morning. The reason for this is because I usually wake up between 4 or 5 and have nothing better to do so that just became my default posting time. I don’t know when I became an early riser. Even when I was in the Army, I did not […]

Mid-life crisis or mid-life transformation?

Mid-life transformation sure sounds like it would be a lot more fun, but I am pretty sure that I am having my mid-life crisis. At least I certainly feel like I am in the midst of crisis rather than transformation, but I honestly think it is a little of both. Crisis usually brings transformation doesn’t […]

100 things to talk about!

It’s milestone time! This is my 100th post here on the Tolerant People blog. As you know if you follow me, I try to post everyday and I try to change up the topics that I focus on. Some of my posts have been funny, many were born of frustration, some were a call to action, and […]

Democracy for Sale

I didn’t write yesterday because there is a certain goal of these posts and that is for me to be able to write about something I feel passionately about and present it in such a way that promotes conversation and learning. Yesterday, I had nothing nice to say about anything and I felt writing for […]

Demand better.

I am going to go ahead and guess that pretty much every writer/blogger/journalist is sharing something about the events that took place in Boston yesterday. I know that the majority of people are sad, and sacred. People are angry and want answers. I know that for me, when things like this happen – I am genuinely torn […]